V2 Bulletproof Rehabs: Rehab Real Estate Masterclass

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Tired Of Unexpected Rehab Costs Gobbling Up Your Profits?

See How This Amazing New Tool Calculates Your EXACT Rehab Costs Down To The Penny In Seconds With Laser Precision – NO MORE Guesswork!

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Learn How To Avoid Hidden Costs, Inaccurate Estimates, Contractor Pitfalls & Project Delays So You Can STOP Winging It & Put MORE Profits In Your Pocket EVERY Time Using The Most Accurate Tool On The Market!

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors,

If you’ve been rehabbing and flipping for a while now, or even if you’re just getting started, you know that estimating your project costs accurately is absolutely critical to making a profit and avoiding costly mistakes that lead to delays and losses. 

It doesn’t matter whether you buy and rent out properties, you flip them or you wholesale them, you make your profit (or you don’t!) when you buy. To buy at the right price, you need to know your costs. To bid your rehab accurately out to contractors, you need to know the industry standard for dozens of items, based on the market you’re in and the type of property. To fund your project, you need defensible numbers that lenders and investors can’t quibble with.

Yet most people don’t have a failsafe method for determining costs accurately, managing contractors powerfully and delivering projects on time and on budget. That’s why so many people (even experienced rehabbers) just “wing it” when it comes time to calculate costs!

If that’s you, don’t feel bad. Until recently, there hasn’t been a completely reliable, comprehensive and simple to use system for accurately calculating your costs, much less automating your contractor bids, managing contractor relationships powerfully and maximizing your profits . . .

That’s why after more than 1,000 rehabs I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and created a bulletproof system to ensure that I buy at the right price, bid projects out using the right data, fund projects with defensible numbers and maximize my profits.

I call it Bulletproof Rehabbing and guess what? It works every time!

Now I want you to have the opportunity to use the methods and tools I use every day to be a trusted professional with a pipeline full of sellers who want to sell to me, investors who want to partner with me and contractors who respect me.

I’ve put together a FREE training that lays it all out for you . . .

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