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Everything You Get With Bulletproof Rehabs Special Introductory Offer...
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Bulletproof Rehabs Masterclass (Access Immediately $2,997)

This six-week course was designed to take all the risks and unknowns out of your rehab projects, so you can do them like a pro (plus get all the special bonus Material below for a limited time)


Our Private Money Course ($1,997)

Get little known inside information on How to pitch, present deals and get the Money you need from private lenders And investors for every kind of deal


FREE Access to Rehab Estimator Pro for Three Months! ($147)

Rehab Estimator Pro is the Gold Standard for managing rehabs like a pro, including the most comprehensive cost estimating tools available anywhere, complete with Industry Standard values for every zip code


Templates, Guides, Plans Checklists and Bonus Training ($1,997)

Matt has completed more than 1,000 successful rehabs and has included every trick, secret and unfair advantage he’s learned to get projects done on time, on budget and hassle-free.


FREE Access to Matt’s Bulletproof Contracts ($5,000)

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and legal hassles with contractors with full access to the entire set of contracts Matt uses to complete successful rehabs, including little known agreements that can save you thousands of dollars when dealing with Contractors

Plus This Incredible Bonus:

FREE Access to Profit Drive & 100 Post Cards ($697)

When you get Bulletproof Rehabs today, qualify for absolutely free access to Profit Drive, the #1 Rated System for filling your pipeline with great leads! Profit Drive helps you locate off-market deals, skip-trace your leads and automate your direct mail campaigns, all from the comfort of your office!

PLUS We’ll also cover the cost for you to send out 100 Post Card mailings to motivated sellers in your market!

TOTAL VALUE: $12,835


With my order today I get to keep the Bulletproof Rehabs Course for life! Separately, I also get 3 months FREE of Rehab Estimator Pro software and can cancel anytime by contacting If I don’t cancel before my trial ends, I will be Billed just $47 per month. I also have read and agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy




We're so confident that this is exactly what you need to get from where you are to where you want to be, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. With that being said - This program won't work if you don't work. But if for some reason you aren't on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund!

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So What Exactly Does Your Bulletproofs Rehab Experience Look Like?

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These Are The Six Milestones on Your Path to Rehabbing Like a Pro

MILESTONE 1: Breaking your property walk-through into the 5 key parts that ensure you’ll never miss anything inside or outside a property.

MILESTONE 2: Creating a professional grade Scope of Work and finishing your projects with a zero-punch list.

MILESTONE 3: Building your dream team and growing it as your business grows.

MILESTONE 4: Finding, Vetting & hiring the best contractors and firing them with no legal hassles if they’re not performing to your expectations.

MILESTONE 5: Reviewing contractor estimates from a position of power and fully documenting the entire rehab with every contractor.

MILESTONE 6: Using a set of bulletproof agreements that protect your interests, assure a quality job that’s done on time and minimize legal issues.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Access the Bulletproof Rehabs Experience

YES! This is a Game-Changer that Provides You With Inside Information and Unfair Advantages to Trump the Competition, Deal Powerfully with Contractors, Finish Rehabs On Time & On Budget Every Time & Have Investors Lining Up to Partner with You!

Here’s what’s included with your Bulletproof Rehabs Course:

Week 1 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • Matt’s 37 Minute Bonus Video “Rehabbing Done Right”
  • A Detailed Punch List Covering Every Element of a Bulletproof Rehab
  • Our Exclusive 60+ Point Walk-Through Checklist PDF

Week 2 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • A detailed Scope of Work Template & Instructions PDF
  • Finish schedule templates in PDF and Excel
  • How to complete a Punch List PDF

Week 3 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • Template spreadsheet for creating contractor and subcontractor lists
  • Waiver of lien agreement -- so contractors can’t put liens on your property
  • W-9 so you can 1099 contractors at the end of the year
  • Dream Team PDF for Internal & External Team Development

Week 4 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • Contractor Application Form
  • Contractor independent services agreement
  • Indemnification and proof of insurance coverage document
  • Certificate of Insurance document
  • Job Site Conduct Policy
  • Cancellation and mutual release document

Week 5 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • Request for Estimate Form
  • How to Review Contractor Estimates
  • Property Analysis Workbook
  • Major Renovation Issues Cheat Sheet
  • Documentation Checklist

Week 6 Special Bonus Material Includes:

Your Full Set of Bulletproof Agreements for:

  • Purchasing Real Estate
  • Contractor Agreement
  • Partial Lien Waiver
  • Full Lien Waiver
  • Change Orders
  • Indemnification


  • How to Create a Punch List
  • Our Renovations Checklist

MASTERY: FREE Access to Rehab Estimator Pro for 3 Months ($497)

This is the game-changer. Rehab Estimator Pro (REP) is the Gold Standard for completing every rehab on time, on budget and free from contractor hassles. REP enables you to run comps and calculate ARV and rehab costs accurately before you do a deal. It’s so easy to use that you can send anyone into the field to produce accurate estimates. With REP:

  • Sellers are going to trust your offers
  • Contractors will respect your estimates and your scope of work 
  • Banks and investors will trust your numbers.
  • Private lenders will beg you to take their money.

When you have mastery of the entire rehab process from taking the Bulletproof Rehabs Master Class and you have the power of the Rehab Estimator Pro software, you’re going to stand out from the crowd and be a sought-after professional in your market.

IMPLEMENTATION: FREE Access to Matt's Bulletproof Contracts ($5,000)

Bulletproof Contracts is Matt’s entire war chest of the legal documents you need to keep your business relationships worry-free, including:

  • Our Contract for Purchasing Real Estate
  • Our Bulletproof Contractor Agreements
  • Our Partial and Full Lien Waivers
  • Our Change Orders Agreement
  • Our Indemnification Agreement
  • Our Contractor Application Form
  • Our Contractor independent services agreement
  • Our Indemnification and proof of insurance coverage document
  • Our Certificate of Insurance document
  • Our Job Site Conduct Policy
  • Our Cancellation and mutual release document

It’s your full document set for ensuring that you stay in control of your project, minimize legal hassles and get your project done on time and on budget. This will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and hundreds of thousands in time and money by keeping contractor disputes, lien and lawsuits at bay.


FUNDING: Our Private Money Course ($1,997)

The Private Money Course is a soup to nuts training that will show you every strategy Matt uses to get private money into deals. These are the exact strategies Matt still uses to get deals done these days, so they’re tried and true. It’s a step by step guide to get your deals funded from many different sources. You’ll get deals closed and be confident to keep filling your pipeline when you use these strategies.

FREE: Free Access to Profit Drive & 100 Offers ($697)

When you get the Bulletproof Rehab Program you’ll also get FREE access to Profit Drive -- the undisputed #1 real estate marketing system to fill your pipeline with good deals. Profit Drive is going to up your game immediately so you can fill your pipeline and get through deals fast. With profit drive you can:

  • Locate Off-Market Deals while driving around:  All you have to do is hop in your car, start your route, and pin properties directly from your phone to save them to your app.
  • Access Advanced Skip Tracing:  When you're done driving, skip trace your new list of distressed properties with the click of a button to find advanced owner details including mailing address, phone numbers, and next of kin.
  • Automate Your Direct Mail:  With the click of a button, send your new list a highly targeted direct mail campaign. Simply choose the mailer, the length of your campaign, and hit send. It's that easy!

And as a Special Bonus, we’ll even cover the cost for you to send out 100 Post Card mailings to motivated sellers in your market. That’s money in the bank!


Say YES to Start Doing Rehabs Like a Pro -- No Stress, No Hassles , More Money !

Master The Bulletproof Rehabs Methodology With Confidence!

The Five Pillars to Bulletproof Rehabbing That Will Give You a Massive Edge in the Real Estate Rehab Marketplace

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Pillar 1 Immersion

You’ll have instant access to the Bulletproof Rehabs course so you can get started immediately! Work at your own pace and leverage all of the special bonus material we’ve built into every module to jump in and start rehabbing like a Pro!

Pillar 2 Repetition

Along with the course, you will have access to forms, templates, checklists and bonus training all designed to enable you to repeat the Bulletproof Rehab process again and again.

Pillar 3 Implementation

With your exclusive bonus access to Rehab Estimator Pro, you’ll have the most powerful rehab management platform at your fingertips. You’ll know exactly what to offer sellers, exactly how to bid projects, create scope of work, calculate estimated profits and manage contractors every step of the way!

Pillar 4 Mastery

Bulletproof contracts give you peace of mind and maximum control over every project and every contractor relationship enabling you to manage projects powerfully and minimize delays and legal hassles.

Pillar 5 Funding

Whether you’re just starting out in real estate or you’ve done lots of deals, funding is important to keeping you in the game.  Our Private Money Course will give you a major edge in getting your deals funded from private investors and lenders. It’s loaded with all the tips, tricks and best practices Matt still uses today to fund his deals.

Master These Five Pillars to Rehabbing Success And You’ll Be Able To:

✅   Walk through any property with total confidence, even when you send someone else out to do the job. 

✅    Produce accurate, totally defensible numbers for your rehab projects that sellers, investors, lenders and contractors will trust and respect.

✅   Clearly communicate to your contractors what you expect for industry standards in your house.

✅   Know your market better than anyone else. 

✅   Hire the right contractors and let them go quickly, without legal hassles, if they don’t perform well.

✅   Build a dream team you can count on, so you can focus 100% on what’s most important to growing your business.

✅   Have every project fully documented, so contractors meet your expectations and projects finish on time and on budget.

✅   And you get a lot more than just the training. You get all the tools for implementing everything into your own business

Say YES to Start Doing Rehabs Like a Pro -- No Stress, No Hassles , More Money !

Bulletproof Rehabs Is The Perfect Resource For You If . . .

You’re new in the real estate game and want to avoid the common mistakes “newbies” make, like:

  • Forgetting important items when figuring repair estimates
  • Not having a scope of work completed before making offers
  • Not knowing industry standards for completing a scope of work
  • Not making sure contractors and subcontractors are legally compliant
  • Not knowing how to get a waiver of lien in place before paying contractors
  • Not knowing how to hire the right contractors and subcontractors
  • Not fully documenting a contractors’ work, omissions, mistakes, delays
  • Not discovering, estimating and having a plan for major renovation issues

You’ve got lots of deals under your belt but you want to scale up, be a leader in your market and:

  • Maximize your profit on every deal you do
  • Make the right offer every time by knowing your costs
  • Train staff to be able to do field work like walk-throughs
  • Be a trusted partner to the best lenders and investors
  • Earn the respect and compliance of contractors

You’re a lender or investor and you want to ensure success by:

  • Knowing how to read and understand a project cost estimate
  • Knowing how to read and understand a Scope of Work
  • Knowing when rehabbers are (or aren’t) doing a professional estimate
  • Being able to rely on the numbers rehabbers give you (or dispute them)
  • Being able to rely on the timelines rehabbers give you (or dispute them)

You’re a wholesaler and you want to maximize your profit per deal by:

  • Having reliable numbers every time you review an assignment
  • Making offers that guarantee you make a healthy profit
  • Knowing which deals to keep and generate higher returns
  • Understanding the true condition of properties and the cost to fix up
  • Understanding the true timelines involved in getting deals completed

Say YES to Start Doing Rehabs Like a Pro -- No Stress, No Hassles , More Money !


Absolutely! You’ve probably heard lots of stories of “nightmare rehabs.” Why experience any of that stress and lost profit? You couldn’t find a better time to master the rehab process like a pro than before you get in hot water, because you forgot an important detail, a contractor messed with you, or you made a bad offer on a property!

If you’re nailing your rehabs every time, maybe you’re already doing them like a Pro! That said, by taking the six-week course you’re going to get access to so many other resources that you’ll find really useful, like the Bulletproof Contracts, access to Profit Drive and our Private Money Course. Plus, you’ll get to test drive REP for three months!

We’ve set the course up to be completed over a six week period. This enables you to take in a lot of new information and have time to make sure you understand the concepts, practice them and implement them into your business before moving on to the next session. You’ll be able to begin applying what you learn and use the REP software on your property walk-throughs right away!

The Bulletproof Contracts document set is designed to give you good templates for all the various business agreements you need to do successful rehabs. However, you should not simply use them as-is, because your state may have laws or regulations that differ from other states and may require certain language in agreements, or require specific forms or formats that differ from the Bulletproof Contracts document set. For that reason, we highly recommend that you have local legal counsel as part of your A-Team. You’ll still save lots of time and money on legal fees by starting with these documents instead of from scratch!

Numbers drive everything in real estate. Accurate numbers generate good deal outcomes, because they help you know what to offer, what a project will cost and how much money you’ll need to get it done. Inaccurate numbers wreck deals and destroy trust. The Bulletproof Rehabs method, combined with Rehab Estimator Pro will give you accurate numbers, because it’s the most comprehensive tool of its kind, with more than 60 checkpoints, industry standard values for every U.S. zip code and calculators to arrive at proper ARV every time. REP combined with the in-depth training you’ll get from the Bulletproof Rehabs course is already trusted by thousands of industry professionals and provides defensible numbers that sellers, investors, lenders and contractors can rely upon.

Absolutely! Both REP and Profit Drive were designed by real estate industry professionals not Geek Squad techies! They’re smart but simple to use and they can save you hundreds of hours every year, while giving you razor sharp rehab cost estimates and a full pipeline of deals to look at. Don’t let fear of technology scare you away from the best rehab training you’ll ever find. A ten year old can use REP and so can you!

You can discontinue your free access to both REP and Profit Drive at any time prior to the end of your initial 90-day free trial. Just contact us at One your free trial ends, you’ll be automatically subscribed to REP and Profit Drive and we’ll bill the card we have on file for you on a monthly basis for each product

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