Calculates every rehab need down to the exact price within your zip code.

Rehab Estimator Pro is the #1 Choice

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  • For Savvy Real Estate Investors Who Want To
  • Make More Money On Every Deal They Do!

Benefits of Rehab Pro

With Rehab Estimator Pro You'll:

  • Accurately calculate rehab costs before you buy
  • Determine your maximum acceptable offer price
  • Make offers with 100% confidence & win more bids
  • Maintain control over your contractor relationships
  • Fund your projects easily with undisputable numbers
  • Finish on time, on budget and with maximum profit

Rehab Estimator Pro Helps You Avoid the Mistakes That Cost Big Money . . .

  • Forgetting important items when you conduct property walkthroughs
  • Failing to discover, estimate and have a plan for major renovation issues
  • Paying too much for properties by "winging it" on your repair budget
  • Not having your scope of work completed before bidding projects
  • Not having your scope of work completed before bidding projects
  • Not knowing industry standards for completing your scope of work
  • Not effectively managing your contractors and holding them accountable

With Rehab Estimator Pro You'll Never Make Those Mistakes Again!

Imagine the Power of . . .

  • Worry-Free Property Walkthroughs

    Break your property walk-through into the 5 key parts that ensure you'll never miss anything inside or outside a property. It's so foolproof that you can send staff to do walkthroughs with total confidence that nothing will be missed and no mistakes will be made.

  • Easily Creating A Professional Grade Scope of Work

    Rehab Estimator Pro helps you create SOW's based on industry standards for any property anywhere. You'll bid out projects with complete confidence and finish your projects with no punch lists.

  • Locking In Your Profit When You Buy

    No more winging it! Rehab Estimator Pro ensures that you know exactly what your costs will be for getting a property market ready and exactly what your ARV (After Repair Value) is going to be, so you can make offers that lock in your profit every time.

  • Being Seen As A Consummate Professional

    Do your deals from a position of power by gaining the respect of sellers, contractors, lenders and investors with professional grade documentation based on bullet proof numbers.

  • Dealing With Contractors From A Place Of Strength

    Armed with bullet proof numbers, you'll be able to manage projects effectively and hold contractors accountable. That means getting projects done on time and on budget every time.


These Real Estate Investors Were Once Lost, Stuck, Or Afraid To Automate . . . Until They DID IT!

(And Now It's YOUR Turn!)

Straight up “The Best Tool” for any investor, but especially a rookie!

Know what the pros know, for real, then have it waiting at a portable printer on the coffee table, with not 1, not 2, but 3+ options that hit the mark! If you can’t sell with this...

"Sooo easy to use.

Now I don't even have to take my husband or my contractor. I feel comfortable with the numbers.

I still have my contractor follow up, AFTER I have a signed offer so I don't waste his time on tire-kicker sellers."

Anne M.

"So, the best part of the estimator is handing the tablet to a seller and having them check the boxes.

Kind of hard to object when you checked that it needed a roof and windows and gutters. Seller wanted to see what I was doing, so I showed her and she took it over.

Great Result. Seller even thanked me for the education."

Jason F.

"I purchased a property through a sheriff sale and am financing the whole thing through a bank, based off 75% of appraised value.

The appraised value is based off the repairs that we will be doing to the place. I used the contractors sheet without costs to show the appraiser what we were going to do to the place. He said that he has never seen anything more detailed or professional. Just another way you can utilize this great tool. Thanks!"

Karl H.

Rehab Estimator Is For You If . . .

  • You want to catch and calculate every repair cost during walkthroughs
  • You want to know your exact ARV before you make offers
  • You want to base offers on reliable numbers nobody can argue with
  • You want to give contractors SOW's that give little or no wiggle room
  • You want to get every project done on time and on budget
  • You Want to make more money on every deal you do

Eliminate The Top 4 Enemies To Real Estate Success . . .

  • Failing To Catch Hidden Property Defects

    Even the most experienced real estate investor has horror stories from missing hidden defects during walkthroughs. With Rehab Estimator Pro you're guided through 5 steps that uncover every possible defect inside and outside, so you'll have 100% accurate repair costs every time.

  • Paying Too Much When You Buy

    Missing just one item during your walkthrough can cost you thousands of dollars. Offer too much for a property and it's nearly impossible to turn a profit. Rehab Estimator Pro takes all the guesswork out of your offers and helps you lock in profits when you buy.

  • Not Knowing Industry Standards

    You don't have time to master industry standards for every scope of work you prepare for contractors and you definitely don't want to rely on them for answers! Rehab Estimator Pro calculates it all for you, so you can give contractors bullet proof SOW's.

  • Finishing With A Punch List

    The longer you have to hold on to a property, the higher your costs. That kills your cash flow and your profits and keeps you from growing your business. Rehab Estimator Pro helps you hold contractors accountable so you can have "no punch list" projects that finish on time, on budget and with no loose ends for you to tie up.

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Put The Rehab Estimator Pro Advantage To Work For You Today & Experience The Power Of Having Bulletproof Repair Budgets, Locking Profits In When You Buy & Finishing Every Project On Time, On Budget & With No Punch List!